Terms of Service


*** This is NOT a retail store however you can shop from the comfort of your own home for delivery and curbside Pickup

By making a purchase on our website you agree to the terms and conditions set out below:

Live, Healthy Arrival Guaranteed

Live, 100% Healthy arrival is guaranteed unless otherwise noted. The only two "rules" are that temperatures must be safe and someone must be available to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt.

If there was a case of a DOA or unhealthy arrival you must notify us within 4 hours of receipt. In this extremely unlikely event, photographic proof will be required. We reserve the right to replace the animal or apply a store credit for the cost of the animal. We do not refund shipping costs. All shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility.

7 Day Health Guarantee - Excludes Wholesale Orders

Your new reptile is guaranteed to be in 100% perfect health for 7 days. 99% of the animals we sell are produced here and we know they are in perfect health when they leave here.

1. Do not delay in asking for assistance!!

In the event that an animal begins to exhibit signs of a health issue, please contact us within 4 hours so that we can try to help you remedy the problem before it is too late. This is very important, and failure to do so WILL void your guarantee.

2. Expired Animals

In the event that an animal needs to be replaced, a photograph of the deceased animal will be required. This is something we will ask of all customers so that we can get an idea of what caused the death.

3. Returns & Replacements

Any live animal being replaced must be returned at your expense, unless otherwise agreed upon, before a replacement is sent out. Once it has been determined that your claim is valid, we will ship out your replacements at our expense.

Health claims must be submitted to us via email within 7 days of the original ship date. Claims made after 7 days are null and void, no exceptions.

Customer must request and accept shipment of the replacement animal(s) within 90 days of the original ship date. Health claims over 90 days old will be considered null and void, no exceptions.

4. Gecko Feeding Issues Excluded

Crested and gargoyle geckos must be provided with a proper diet. We offer our geckos Pangea PFM diet, so we cannot guarantee our geckos will eat other products when they first arrive. We also offer live insects dusted with calcium/D3.

Please Note: Plenty of diet products are marketed as a complete gecko diet, but in our experience geckos do not thrive when being offered most diets exclusively (without insects regularly in the diet). While we feed insects every week when weather permits shipping, we have gone 2-3 months over the winter only offering Pangea PFM, and our geckos seemed to maintain their weight very well, and egg production was consistent. The same cannot be said for any other diet product we have used.


Shipping Address Must Be Correct

Orders will ONLY be shipped to the address listed as the shipping address in your order. Please be sure the information you enter as the shipping address is entered correctly, and please be sure that is the address your order is supposed to ship to. We cannot be held responsible for deliveries made to the address you provided. Please take the time to double check what you enter is correct.

Gecko Tails

Geckos drop their tails from time to time, often for no apparent reason. This is a natural occurrence and most hobbyists do not consider it a defect. In fact, we do not generally discount high end geckos that have dropped their tails. As such, we cannot be held responsible if tails are dropped during shipping.

Guarantee on Sex Determination

When any animal is sold as a male or female, we offer a 100% guarantee to that effect. If a gecko is sold as unsexed, but listed as probable male or probable female, that is only our best estimation. Please realize that the size of the animal will have a direct bearing on how accurate that estimation will be.

For animals sold as a guaranteed male or female, you must double check the sex of the animal within 72 hours of arrival. In the event an animal appears to be the wrong sex, we must be notified within 72 hours. Otherwise, we will consider our transaction complete. If an animal arrives incorrectly sexed, the animal will be replaced with one of the proper sex or store credit will be issued.

Orders Must Be Paid in Full Prior to Shipping

We do not offer net terms to even our largest wholesale accounts. As a longstanding policy, we do not ship orders before they have been paid for in full. No exceptions.

Abandoned Orders

Orders that have not been shipped within 90 days of the date they were placed are considered abandoned. Abandoned orders that have been paid in full are subject to a 50% restocking fee, and the remaining balance will be issued store credit only. Abandoned orders that were on a payment plan will be cancelled, and all deposits forfeited as per our terms.

In the event weather is preventing safe shipment within the 90 days, we will gladly hold your reptiles until it is safe to ship. It is the customer's responsibility, however, to let us know as soon as it is safe to ship.

If your order is close to passing the 90 day mark, and your weather doesn't look safe, it is important that you get in touch with us, so that we can make plans to get your reptiles to you safe and sound.

Payment Plans

We sometimes will agree to do payment plans on large orders, but only with a 25% or more non-refundable deposit. The only catch is that a payment plan must be adhered to exactly as agreed upon up front. Payments made, both the deposit and installments, are non-refundable. Broken payment plan agreements will not be issued any refunds or store credit, regardless of the reason given. This is the only way we can offer payment plans, as we need to be absolutely certain that an animal is spoken for once it is marked sold. Please make sure you understand that payments made on a payment plan will not be refunded or applied to the purchase of other animals.

 Live Animal Shipping Terms

We only guarantee live arrival when temperatures are between 32F and 85F.

ALL LIVE ANIMAL PURCHASES ARE FINAL - There will be no refunds under any circumstance, NO EXCEPTIONS.

By ordering a reptile from this website you are agreeing to our "All Sales Final" policy.

Animals that arrive DOA or with health problems will be replaced or store credit will be issued at our discretion. Again, no payments will be refunded under any circumstances.

A Note About Gecko Color

Depending on factors such as environment, stress and the presence of food, the color and/or intensity of the color on most geckos does change drastically. Photograph of geckos are taken when they are "fired up" and looking their best, but they do not always cooperate.

Because of these factors out of our control, we regretfully cannot offer refunds due to misinterpretation of color.

We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone.

We reserve the right to modify shipping methods at our discretion, this will generally only be done as a benefit to the customer as the carrier selected may not be appropriate.